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FarmVille Trainer V1.0

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This is an updated trainer, basically there was a change.n until you get to Bistro level 10, without reloading. 2)Credits I assume you know what they are...Missed notes - what can we get? My other additions to the game.
As usual - I go to the modification editor and create my own n world 3. Credits - here we will be interested in what we have. And we have 2 additions: Bi-Test Mod - here we look at the combat gameplay, Auction House - this time the ability to change and supplement the gameplay at the end of the session or at any time has been added 4. Auctions House is an added property that has been removed In version 1.0.5, AoL allows each character to earn money to spend on their ideas. And the rest give things to which you can buy power-ups and hire technicians. 5 Engine
Here we change DirectX, Java, processor and memory (all parameters). 6. Current state, blue flashes in the lower right corner, when pressed, a green pulsating inscription, Package - a list of this project.
Menu - View - Tweakt - Settings View, this is similar to the Quick Access Toolbar in Left 4 Dead.
Media - Add a media station, download files and music on demand.
Audio - Add an audio recording. A full selection of devices on which your audio recordings will be played is provided. 7.UI
Again, using the example of multiplayer in Leoix Plantation, we change the Configurations.
1. Application Style ( Style ) - if you chose black, then you do not need to change the design to black, just change the background color. 2. Main screen (Back) - leave it as it is, either in the left or right window.
3. Home page - if not selected, there will be a small gray part at the bottom, if selected, there will be a large dark screen.
Don't forget to click on the "Load" button. 8. If your game does not load over the network, there is a problem with the encoding or with the settings, it is possible to use encryption in GameDefaultConfig.
This is where I end, I hope I helped you understand how the process of creating an addon takes place!
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